Bass Guitar Tuition

With 11 Years experience playing bass guitar and 5 years teaching it, if you’re looking for bass guitar lessons in the Norwich area, you’ve come to the right place. I’m a qualified bass guitar teacher and a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors so, if you want to begin or improve your playing, I can help.

My approach to teaching bass guitar is to give you a solid foundation and understanding of bass and its role within music using a variety of songs and pieces in styles and genres that cater to your tastes, building toward your goals in an effective, well structured, step by step process to ensure you develop the skills, knowledge and confidence required.

I can take you through the building blocks of bass that apply to any genre: techniques, rhythms, chords, scales, arpeggios, harmony & dissonance, tempo and time changes, improvisation and walking...

Or just teach you your favourite songs, riffs and parts that you want to learn, equipping you with a range of techniques and ideas specific to your music.

From my versatile home studio in Norwich, I can create backing tracks tailored to your needs in order to focus specifically on what you want to learn, as well as offering you tips and techniques or services for recording your own work - from the intricacies of music production to the nuances of song-writing, arrangement and singing, in order to help you to realise your own ideas.

As you'd expect, I’ll provide you with written notes each lesson to take home and practice, to ensure that you advance as quickly as you want to.

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